A new Tech revolution

Develop products faster, better, and safer using Firebird’s 5-axis milling capabilities. Create out of wood, high density plastics, aluminum and steel anywhere.


Using vibration damping technology, active software, and microstepping, Firebird reaches a quality of 20 μm without requiring new and complicated infrastructure.

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Whether waiting hours on a 3D print, or weeks in the queue for a machine shop, delays in prototyping cost businesses in time, efficiency, and productivity

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Investing in a full machine shop requires hundreds of thousands of dollars in machinery investment, skilled employees, and training. Firebird negates this and works within almost any office environment.

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3D printing offers great versatility, however affordable solutions rely on plastic-based filaments and resins. In-house, without a machine shop, get access to aluminum, steel, and wood.

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Fast moving tech for businesses

With our approach to prototyping, we feel businesses should not have to train their designers and engineers for days in order to access new technologies. We focus on creating an accessible, plug-and-play experience to decrease this time through powerful software developed for Firebird.

  • More versatile than 3D printing
  • Cheaper than a machine shop
  • Advanced surfaces and geometry
  • Affordable package with long-term support

I have a passion for robotics and automation. When creating my projects, I found it frustrating that I was stuck without a prototyping method that worked for me. That led to the idea of Firebird

Patrick Manser


I have worked with racing cars my whole life. When repairing them, we would be stuck for weeks without a part that we needed to get back to the track. I saw the inefficiency and wanted to solve that problem.

Charlie Edbrooke


The Founders

The Team

Mario Vega

Manufacturing and Design Engineer

Cody Cribbs

Control Systems Engineer